Your Rugs Are So Cool!

You may imagine how surprised my wife and I were when FedEx delivered the rug last evening (Saturday) after the dinner hour. By then, it was dark, and so a close inspection in natural light wasn’t possible. By now, though, that has been completed, and our verdict is, in a word, that the rug is perfect in every conceivable way. It has “tribal” written all over it, right down to the wild mixture of materials (wool and goat hair) and the discrepancies in the weave. The wefting, for example, is different in different areas of the rug. The condition is excellent, the colors gorgeous, the size perfect. Until this morning, I thought that “superb” (your word) might be a dealer’s slight exaggeration. Now, I have to say that it’s a judgment with which I can agree. A million thanks to you and Michael for this gem of an addition to our small but precious collection. My only regret is that there is no room left for another rug. If there were, I’d be coming back for more.