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About Truckee Mountain Rug Company

We invite you to stop by Truckee Mountain Rug Company and see our collection of beautiful one of a kind rugs in Historic Downtown Auburn. Our new location is centrally located across the street from the iconic Clock Tower. We are adjacent to Auburn’s Central Square where there are plenty of shops, restaurants and parking.

Our authentic tribal rugs are handmade and range in all sizes and styles. We carry Chobis from Afghanistan, Traditionals from Persia, Kazaks from Turkey and Caucasians from the Caucasus Mountain region; however, we are known best for our extensive collection of Tribal  rugs known as Gabbehs. 

Nomadic Tribal families have migrated through the Persian Zagros Mountains, weaving these pieces of art along the way. They have been herding their sheep, camels, goats and donkeys and spinning their wool for centuries.   The rugs they weave depict their history and give us visual stories of their harsh yet happy way of life. Falling in love with them is easy!

Michael and I have collected over a thousand of these wonderful rugs for you to choose from. The colors, designs and texture will transform your home, while retaining their value to be passed down to the next generation. Let us help you find the right rug for you. 

Truckee Mountain Rug Co.

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Each rug in our collection is unique and one of a kind. They are all hand woven and imported from the middle eastern region. We specialize in Gabbeh, Chobi and Kazak styles. These rugs make exquisite decorative pieces and can really bring a room to life.

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We are extremely passionate about our rugs and would love to share their history with you. Give us a call or send us an email by following the button below.