Persian rug stain removal
Help! What can I use for stain removal on my rug?
July 23, 2018

Stain Removal for Oriental Rugs Uh-Oh! Your rug has suffered the inevitable; a spilled beverage, pet waste, foot traffic, or worse and appears to be stained. Not to worry. With prompt care you will likely bring your Oriental Rug back to its original state. The stain removal process is simple with basic care. Professional cleaners…

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About Persian Gabbeh Rugs
January 13, 2017

Featured Antique Persian Rugs Antique Gabbeh Rug (17-064) $1,595.00 Persian Gabbeh Carpet (5343) $1,195.00 Persian Rug #18-087 $2,795.00 Vintage Zangan Persian Rug #4297 4’4″ X 6’9″ $1,095.00 See our beautiful Gabbeh rugs. LORI RUG Gabbeh rugs are made by the nomadic Qashqai tribes of southern Iran. They are rough cut and long piled rugs of... Read More
About Persian Kazak Rugs
January 13, 2017

See our Kazak rugs. The Kazak or Qazax (Kazakh, Kasak, Gazakh) style Persian Rug originated and are still made in and around the city of Qazax in the country of Azerbaijan which is bordered by Iran on its Southern side. This is the area of the Caucasus Mountains (located close to the Black Sea). This... Read More
About Persian Chobi Rugs
January 13, 2017

Chobi style Persian rugs are hand crafted in Afghanistan in the regions nearest the border with Pakistan. They, like Gabbeh style Persian rugs are hand-knotted and made to last for generations and beyond. Unlike tribal Gabbeh rugs, which are made by nomads on impermanent ground looms, Chobi style carpets are constructed in towns and villages... Read More