MIGRATIONNomad Migration

These rugs were hand-woven by Nomadic Tribal women who migrated with their families, camels, dogs, goats and herds of sheep through the mountains and valleys of what was once called Persia. These rugs are not only beautiful but a historic representation of a culture that is disappearing today. Nomad LoomMany routes taken are still used today but times have changed and their way of life is fading.

No two rugs are the same. Woven on ground looms that were made from sticks and branches they collected along the way.   Symbolic artful characters were nearly always the focus of their weaving.  Girls would depict themselves or even the whole family including pet goats into their designs.

Inspired by their surroundings they still weave trees of life that depict a direct path from Earth to Heaven or Leaves that give endless regeneration.

Pomegranates that flourish in that part of the world represent Fertility. Camels stand for wealth and prosperity while the Dog represents protection, trust and defence. Often birds such as the Peacock, standing for immortality, were combined with Parrots to help the weaver escape from danger.Nomad RugLearning the meaning of and being able to recognize artistic symbology in Nomadic Rugs is quite fascinating. Consider the weaver, trying to tell a story about her fears and wishes in a distant place and time. Nomad rugInterpret her story from a nomadic life passed down through the ages-through wool that came from the very animals they lived and traveled with. Unique creations constructed from the Weaver’s imagination and from her observations of the changing environment through which the tribe passes.  We offer many of these Nomadic Gabbeh Rugs here at Truckeerug.com in Loomis California.

Nomad Rug
Gabbeh Rug
Gabbeh Rug
Wool Gabbeh Rug
Wool Gabbeh Rug with a happy little weaver