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Nomadic Persian Rug (4221)


Nomad Rug

Vegetable dyed wool Rug

This Antique Nomadic Persian Rug has a simple original design woven by the Qashqai- a Nomadic tribe in Southern Persia. The weavers are usually women who teach their daughters how to weave. The figures in these Gabbeh rugs often depict the weavers themselves and their own personal animals. The abrash is created by many different hues of the same color that has been hand-dyed and is a representation of the land in which they live. All-natural dyes are used which are made from roots, vegetables, minerals, flowers and insects that they collect along their way as they migrate. This Gabbeh has natural colors straight from their sheep.

Made to last- This is a plush woolen carpet for any room

Dimensions : 3' 5" x 4' 5"

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