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Help! What can I use for stain removal on my rug?

Stain Removal for Oriental Rugs

Uh-Oh! Your rug has suffered the inevitable; a spilled beverage, pet waste, foot traffic, or worse and appears to be stained. Not to worry. With prompt care you will likely bring your Oriental Rug back to its original state. The stain removal process is simple with basic care. Professional cleaners may be required for more complicated stain removal; however a little First-Aid done at home before taking the rug to the cleaners will help minimize the staining and act as effective damage control.


Minor Spills and Stains

Most beverage or animal waste will quickly dissolve with proper care. Given that our handmade rugs typically use natural dyes your rug may be susceptible to color fade or run if not cared for properly. Here are some of our tips for treating your rug.


Removing Small Stains

  • Act Fast: Remove any excess material (sweep, scoop, or absorb any additional material on your rug. Careful to not rub the contaminant into the rug any worse that it already is.
  • Dilute the stain: Use warm water (from spray bottle) to saturate the stain area and dilute the spill.
  • Absorb contaminate: Blot stain gently with white cloth to absorb the initial material and added warm water.
  • Work from the outer edges of the stained area in toward the center of the affected area.
  • Hold the cleaning rag on the stain for 2-3 minutes to allow time to absorb.
  • Repeat steps as necessary to get stain to fade and eliminate
  • Dry your rug as soon as possible; Placing a fan on the effected area will allow for a quick dry.


Rug 911 Kit

  • Spray bottle: Use cold water ( avoid hot water)
  • White cleaning cloth
  • White sponge
  • White vinegar solution, which contains white vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:2. This is very effective on all alkaline types of stains.
  • Detergent solution, which contains 1 tsp of neutral detergent powers in ½ pint water.
  • Enzyme detergent, which is the same as the detergent solution but for this you use a detergent that specifically mentions that it contains enzymes.
  • Ammonia solution, which contains 1 tablespoon ammonia in ¾ cup water. This works great for removing juice stains.
  • Dry cleaning fluid such as such as perchlorethylene. If this is unavailable, you can use any kind of oil/grease or paint remover.Oil-free nail polish remover.

For any questions or concerns about responding to potential rug damage, please Contact Us to make sure your investment is protected and returned to its original state.

Questions? Comments? Would you like to Learn More?

We understand, your rug investment is valuable. Accidents happen. If you would like any more tips, tricks or advice feel free to send us an email or give us a call. We would love to help with your maintenance and care.

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