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What is a Persian Gabbeh Rug?

What is a Gabbeh rug? Gabbeh rugs are hand-made by nomadic tribes in southern Iran. They are always woven from wool harvested from their very own sheep. The literal translation of Gabbeh is “in the rough” which refers to the way in which the rug is woven and trimmed. Most of the rugs are woven on make-shift ground looms and must be ready to be rolled up at a moments notice for their migration through the mountains. When the grass runs out- its time to move the sheep to the next greener pasture.
Different techniques of dying and weaving have been handed down through generations of nomads and help us identify each unique tribe. These rugs are named after the specific tribes that create them and what city or town they usually trade in. For example a Shiraz Gabbeh comes from in and around the city of Shiraz.
The art of weaving in Iran is quickly disappearing with the invention of machines, but we have collected many beautiful Antique Persians for you to see on our Truckee Mountain website. Come visit!